Fall enrollment figures for undergraduate as well as graduate/professional students based on the official census date.  An Annual Summary as well as trends over time are presented by school, including breakouts by race/ethnicity, gender, and status (FT/PT).  Longitudinal Majors information by school, division, and department (UG only) are also presented. Termly census reports are found here.



Applied, Admitted, and Enrolled student characteristics, including Admit and Yield rates.  SAT/ACT test scores, school type (public, private, parochial), geographic distribution (domestic and international), H.S. rank, academic interests, and legacy figures are also presented for undergraduates only.


Financial Aid

Current and historical financial aid trends for Undergraduate, Graduate Arts & Sciences, and Thayer School of Engineering students.  Undergraduate figures include data on employment, loans, and scholarships (state and outside, federal, and Dartmouth).  Information on Dartmouth fellowships, grants (student and faculty), department funds, institutional and miscellaneous support are presented for Graduate Arts & Sciences and Thayer.



Degrees awarded to undergraduate and graduate/professional students.  An Annual Summary as well as trends over time are presented by school, including breakouts by race/ethnicity and gender.  Longitudinal Majors information is also presented.


Retention, Graduation Rates, Honors

Undergraduate retention rates, four and six year graduation rates, and honors awarded to graduating students.

 Retention and Graduation Rates

Undergraduate Student Life

Metrics, both current and longitudinal, on housing occupancy, Greek letter organizations, and athletics are presented for undergraduate students only. 


Undergraduate Off-Campus Programs

Current and historical data for undergraduate Off-Campus programs, enrollment, location, and participation.