Collections & Resources

Kresge Library holds print collections of books, bound print journals, geologic and hydrologic maps, dissertations and theses, and some CD-ROMs, on subjects in the physical sciences, -- astronomy and astrophysics, chemistry and materials science, geology and related earth and atmospheric sciences, physical geography, hydrology, physics, and related areas. A popular science collection and selection of current science periodicals, such as New Scientist and Scientific American, round out Kresge’s print holdings, as well as the daily New York Times and Valley News.

Online collections managed by Kresge include online journals, ebooks and ebook collections, databases, and major reference works. The Library’s Database Finder is a good way to browse lists of selected online resources by subject area.

Mathematics and Computer Science collections are housed in the Cook Mathematics Collection, on the 3rd floor of Baker Berry Library.

Kresge’s three subject librarians select materials for the Kresge and Cook collections, and are happy to respond to questions about books and journals, key databases or other information sources for your research.

Kresge Locations

View this floorplan of Kresge Library.

Journals in Kresge Library are organized alphabetically, by title. Current issues of journals are shelved with bound issues in the stacks; current issues of general and popular science magazines are shelved in the current reading area.

USGS national and regional geologic and hydrologic maps in series are located in map cases in the stacks, organized by series letter and number.

Reference books and undergraduate and masters theses are shelved in separate locations in the main area of Kresge (see floorplan).

Course Reserve materials are held behind the Kresge circulation desk. There is also a small Permanent Reserve collection of textbooks and study guides that circulate for 72 hours.

Related Library Location

Relevant collections are also housed in other campus libraries:

    • Dana Biomedical Library (biomedical and life sciences, biology, ecology, and environmental sciences)
    • Feldberg Business & Engineering Library (engineering, technology)
    • Evans Map Room (2nd floor Berry Library)(sheet maps and atlases, with particular strength in maps of New Hampshire, the Upper Connecticut River Valley, and New England)
    • The Dartmouth Library Depository (DLD) holds some low-use material, such as older or superseded editions, journals for which the library has online access, or old or lesser-used journal volumes.

Collections Review Project During 2016-2017, a project is underway to review and refresh Kresge’s book collection.