Collections Review Project

During 2016-17, Kresge Library staff will be carrying out a review of our collections, with a goal of removing some unused and outdated materials. Our plan is to review books that have not circulated in the past 20 years or have never circulated (only considering books with a publication date before 1995), or that have been superseded by later editions. Kresge librarians are screening the books that meet these criteria and selecting some to be removed from the Library’s collections, perhaps 15% of the book collections overall. Removing books from the collection is not something we undertake lightly, but is an important aspect of responsible management of the print collections to keep them focused, relevant, and up-to-date.

As books are selected for removal from the collection, lists will be posted for review on this page. After a 10-day period, the books will be processed for discard and made available on a ‘give-away’ cart in Kresge, then remanded to Better World Books (a non-profit organization that manages library discard books for resale) or actually discarded here, if in poor condition.

Discard List #39 (.xlsx) review by July 5, 2018