2021-2022 highlights included:

  • NCEA ECAC All-Conference
    • All-Fences Team: Rachel Freer
    • All-Flat Team: Chloe Terestchenko
    • Overall Freshman Flat: Chloe Terestchenko
  • NCEA ECAC All-Tournament 
    • Rachel Freer was named "Elite Equestrian" at the ECAC Championship Tournamanent. This award is given to the competitor
      with the highest GPA. 
    • ECAC Tournamant All-Fences Team: Claire Azar 
    • ECAC Tournamant All-Flat Team: Claire Azar

Dartmouth College offers a NCAA Division I Varsity Equestrian Team

  • Please check the Calendar at www.dartmouth.edu/drc/ for more information on team competition schedule, etc.