dcf logoThe Dartmouth Centers Forum seeks to respond to growing political, ideological, social and intellectual dissonance in the academy and society.

The Dartmouth Centers Forum (DCF) hopes to create an enabling environment for constructive thinking and open dialogue campus-wide about current issues of the day. Activities include faculty research and curricular enhancement seminars, public events, and facilitated student dialogues.


Each academic year, the Dartmouth Centers Forum, comprised of 20 campus-based institutes, programs, and centers, chooses a theme to frame shared programming.  As Dartmouth entered its 250th year, the temptation was to look back. But instead, we chose to look to the future to shape the environment of tomorrow. As a collective, the DCF represents approaches that go beyond the disciplines and encompass the complexity of society: from medicine to the arts and humanities, to security and technology, we can begin to map the three dimensional landscape we will inhabit. The DCF is excited to present forward-looking programming to celebrate what we’ve been and where we hope to go.

From spring 2018 through spring 2020, the DCF has selected as its theme:
Envisioning the World We Want
At a moment in which great divisions threaten our world, how can we challenge ourselves to step bravely into the future? The Dartmouth Centers Forum invites the Dartmouth community to create programming in the winter and spring terms of 2019 that inspires, sparks cross-campus dialogue, and embodies the words of Alan Kay: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Through a Request for Proposals (RFP), the DCF hopes a cross-campus dialogue can be achieved through creative means such as panels, workshops, discussions, and performances that develop programming around this theme and work to draw students, staff, and faculty into bravely inventing our shared future together. Please submit your proposal by filling out the form at this link. There are two deadlines: December 1, 2019 for winter and/or spring 2020 projects and February 16, 2020 for spring 2020 projects.

The DCF issued a similar RFP last year and awarded funding to a number of proposals. Those proposals can be reviewed here

As we award funding for winter and spring term events, be sure to check our Upcoming Events page (check back regularly for program updates). And join us to build the future!

Recent Events

Watch David Levy's "No Time to Think" presentation in support of the Dartmouth Centers Forum's Body Politic(s) theme.

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