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logoThe BASIC at 50 anniversary celebration included a ComCon style event showcasing computing at Dartmouth today. The session was held on Wednesday, April 30, 2014, from 3 to 4:15 p.m. in the Hopkins Center for the Arts' Top of the Hop. Interactive sessions included demonstrations of innovative computing projects across disciplines such as theater, geography, music, and engineering.

Projects featured at the event included:

  • Jack Boffa: Bias Games: Herding Cats
  • Teagan Daly ’13, Tim Tregubov ’11, and Gloria Li ’16: Early Warning Project
  • Junjie Guan: Metadata Games: Stupid Robot
  • Nook Harquail ’14 and Winnie Yoe ’14: Metadata Games: Book Tag
  • Nook Harquail ’14 and Michelle Khare ’14: Word
  • Shiyuan Jiang and Gurkaran Singh ’15: Quadcopters
  • Charlie Laud ’14, Jackson Berler ’14, and Jessica Glago ’08: 3D Oculus Dartmouth
  • Rebecca Leong ’15: POX: Save the Puppies
  • Lauren Tran and Kayla Gilbert ’12: Digital Fashion
  • Bingyue Wang ’16: Bias Games: Connections
  • Tianyang Wang ’15, Olivia Evans ’14, and Elizabeth Lummus ’14: Geoviz
  • Hope Wilson ’16: Economics of Solar Panels