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Dartmouth Now: Dartmouth Celebrates BASIC in Past, Present, and Future (4/30/14)

Dartmouth Now: Dartmouth Announces $10 Million Gift From Bill Neukom ’64 (4/30/14)

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Dartmouth Pops the Champagne as BASIC Programming Language Turns 50 (4/30/14)

The Guardian: Baby We Were Born to RUN: Celebrating 50 Years of Basic (4/30/14)

The Guardian: Thank You, Basic: Developers Remember 50 Years of Creative Coding (4/30/14)

Gamasutra: Beyond Hope of Regeneration: My Life With BASIC (4/30/14)

Voice of America: 50th Anniversary of a Language That Changed the World (4/29/14)

TIME: Fifty Years of BASIC, the Programming Language That Made Computers Personal (4/28/14)

New Hampshire Union Leader: Dartmouth Plans Celebration for 50th Anniversary of BASIC Computer Language (4/28/14)

Gamasutra: BASIC's 50th Anniversary Draws Near (4/28/14)

NHPR All Things Considered: BASIC: How Dartmouth Helped Open Programming (And Gaming) To Everybody (4/22/2014)

Nashua Telegraph: Basic Turns 50 This Week (4/21/14) A subscription is needed to read the story

Dartmouth Now: Back to BASIC, Computing’s Future Was Born at Dartmouth (4/15/14)

Network World: 50 Years of Basic: Celebrating the Programming Language's Long, Eventful Life (4/10/14)

Slashdot: Born To RUN: Dartmouth Throwing BASIC a 50th B-Day Party (4/09/14)

Salon: Why Johnny Can't Code (09/14/06)

Photos and video

Photos (event): BASIC at 50 Anniversary Celebration

Photos (historical): BASIC at 50: The Democratization of Computing

Video: The Future of Computing—The Next 50 Years panel discussion and Q&A

Video: BASIC at 50 (4-minute overview of the creation of BASIC at time-sharing at Dartmouth)