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You can get a mentor who is a professional scientist or engineer in industry or government through MentorNet. Apply online at at anytime during the year. Open to Dartmouth men and women undergraduates, graduates, post docs and junior faculty.

Women in Science Project
6243 Parker House, 2nd floor
(Located in a two-story white frame house)
Hanover, NH
Phone: (603) 646-3690
Email: WISP@Dartmouth.EDU
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Fall Term 2014


  • September 15 (Monday): Fall term classes begin
  • September 19 (Friday): Deadline for faculty to submit Round 1 project descriptions


  • October 2 (Thursday): Internship Information Session for Students - Round 1 Project Descriptions available
  • Friday, October 3 - Thursday, October 23: Round 1 interview period
  • October 23 (Thursday): Last day for Round 1 interviews
  • October 26 (Sunday): Deadline for faculty and students to submit top internship choices for Round 1
  • October 31 (Friday): Deadline for faculty to submit Round 2 project descriptions


  • November 4 (Monday): Notification of Round 1 Matches
  • November 6 (Thursday): Round 2 Project Descriptions available
  • November 6 - 17: Round 2 interview period
  • November 17 (Monday): Last day for Round 2 interviews
  • November 18 (Tuesday): Deadline for faculty and students to submit top internship choices for Round 2
  • November 18: Fall term classes end
  • November 21: Fall term exams begin
  • November 26 (Wednesday): Fall term exams end
  • November 26 (Wednesday): Notification of Round 2 matches

Note: Before the end of Fall Term, research mentors should schedule a meeting with their intern(s) to discuss time commitments, establish initial expectations, and identify a January start date. This first meeting has proved to be very important to insuring a successful internship "launch."

Winter Term 2015


  • January 5 (Monday): Winter term classes begin
  • January 5 - January 9: WISP internships start this week
  • January TBA: WISP Intern Orientation Session for all interns


  • February TBA: Research mentor orientation dinner
  • February 6 (Friday): Carnival holiday (Classes moved to x-periods)
  • February TBA:  Intern check-in to share experiences and connect with other interns
  • End of February: mentor-intern check-in to review and/or adjust expectations and responsibilities, give feedback, set some goals for spring term. Mentors are encouraged to share this review with WISP office.


  • March 10 (Tuesday): Winter term classes end
  • March 13 (Friday): Final examinations begin
  • March 17 (Tuesday): Final examinations end

Spring Term 2015


  • March 30 (Monday): Spring term classes begin
  • March 30 - April 3:  Internships resume this week (be sure to set a new work schedule)


  • Begin to work on poster and presentation for Wetterhahn Science Symposium


  • TBA: Poster Prep Session for Symposium participants
  • Note: Sponsors set interim goals for review of intern poster content and coach interns with practice presentations
  • TBA: Deadline for intern submission of symposium poster titles
  • May 25 (Monday): Memorial Day Holiday
  • May 28 (Thursday): Karen E. Wetterhahn Science Symposium


Note: Interns may continue working in their internship until they leave campus or conclude with the symposium. Research mentors bring closure to internship experience with wrap-up and feedback to interns.

  • June 2 (Tuesday): Last day of classes
  • June 5 (Friday): Final examinations begin
  • June 9 (Tuesday): Final examinations end
  • June 14 (Sunday): Commencement

Last Updated: 8/26/14