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Women in Science Project
6201 Parker House
Hanover, NH 03755

Phone: 603-646-3690

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25th Anniversary of WISP

The Women in Science Project (WISP) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!  In honor of the anniversary, WISP alumnae have been invited to join in a celebration of women in science at Dartmouth in conjunction with two other important alumnae gatherings on campus: Dartmouth’s Centennial Circle Forum and Women of Dartmouth’s leadership summit. 

WISP By the numbers

Since WISP began in 1990:

  • WISP Research Internship Program
    • Student research interns:  1707
    • Faculty research mentors: 331
  • WISP Peer Mentor Program: 4400

WISP in the current academic year (2015-2016)

  • WISP Research interns: 59
  • WISP Research faculty mentors: 40
  • WISP Peer Mentor Program: 146
    • 71 first year mentees
    • 75 upper class mentors

Women in the sciences at Dartmouth:

  • Number of women who majored in the sciences in 1990: 45
  • Number of women who majored in the sciences in 2015: 114
  • Number of women faculty in the sciences in 1990: 10
  • Number of women faculty in the sciences in 2015: 23

Current gender differences in science majors at Dartmouth (for class of 2015):

  • Women > Men: Biology
  • Women = Men: Chemistry
  • Women < Men: Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Math, Physics & Astronomy

Dartmouth College Science Department Tenured Women Faculty "Firsts":

  • Biology: Hannah Croasdale joined faculty in 1952 to do research only, hired as professor to teach in 1968
  • Chemistry: Karen Wetterhahn joined faculty in 1976
  • Computer Science: Filia Makedon joined faculty in 1991
  • Earth Science: Leslie Sonder joined faculty in 1988
  • Engineering: Elsa Garmire joined faculty in 1995 as Dean
  • Math: Marcia Groszek joined faculty in 1984
  • Physics & Astronomy: Mary Hudson joined faculty in 1984

Last Updated: 3/31/16