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2011 WISP Alumnae Survey Results

2011 Survey by the Numbers

Survey Participation:

  • Number of WISP alumnae surveyed:     3364
  • Number who started the survey:           659
  • Number who completed the survey:      597

Science degrees attained or pursued:

  • Bachelors of Science or Engineering:      8%
  • Science or science related Masters:       22%
  • Ph.D. in a science field:                        14%
  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.):                    17%
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine:                2%

WISP Participation:

  • Research Internship Program:               65%
  • Peer Mentor Program:                           48%
  • Science Symposium:                             25%
  • Visiting Scientist Events:                       24.1%

Careers of WISP Alumnae

Career path of WISP alumnae

  • Employed full-time:   75%
  • Employed part-time:  8%
        Stayed in the same field:                      47%
        Moved around within one general field:  22.4%
        Changed fields once or twice:                25%
        Changed fields three or more times:        2%

WISP alumnae careers in the sciences:

  • 67% currently work in a science-related field
  •  7% previously worked in the sciences
  •  6% plan to work in the sciences
  • 20% never worked in the sciences and don't intend to

Science careers of WISP alumnae

  • Health or medicine        45%
  • Life sciences                 15%
  • Physical sciences           10%
  • Engineering                    9%

Factors at Dartmouth that encouraged alumnae to pursue the sciences:

Specific Classes ♦  Faculty advisors or mentors  ♦  Undergraduate research experiences

"My WISP internship was very impactful - as a freshman to do real research with a renowned professor in neuroscience was a phenomenal opportunity that taught me accountability, rigor in scientific method, a love for science, and a sense of real accomplishment."

#1 reason for pursuing current career: Passion for the field!

Other reasons for pursuing current career differed by group:

Currently working in a science-related field:

  • Pre-professional work or internships
  • Role models in the field
Previously worked in the sciences:
  • Balancing life and career
  • Availability of jobs in the field

Plan to work in the sciences:

  • Pre-professional work or internships
  • Availability of jobs in the field

Never worked in the sciences and do not plan to do so

  • Pre-professional work or internships
  • Availability of jobs in the field

"Working in a laboratory setting for the first time completely solidified my passion for science and has made the lab my office of choice.  I love working in the science field, and my internship started me off on that path!"







Last Updated: 9/2/11