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You can get a mentor who is a professional scientist or engineer in industry or government through MentorNet. Apply online at at anytime during the year. Open to Dartmouth men and women undergraduates, graduates, post docs and junior faculty.

Women in Science Project
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(Located in a two-story white frame house)
Hanover, NH
Phone: (603) 646-3690
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2011 WISP Alumnae Survey Results

2011 Survey by the Numbers

Survey Participation:

  • Number of WISP alumnae surveyed:     3364
  • Number who started the survey:           659
  • Number who completed the survey:      597

Science degrees attained or pursued:

  • Bachelors of Science or Engineering:      8%
  • Science or science related Masters:       22%
  • Ph.D. in a science field:                        14%
  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.):                    17%
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine:                2%

WISP Participation:

  • Research Internship Program:               65%
  • Peer Mentor Program:                           48%
  • Science Symposium:                             25%
  • Visiting Scientist Events:                       24.1%

Careers of WISP Alumnae

Career path of WISP alumnae

  • Employed full-time:   75%
  • Employed part-time:  8%
        Stayed in the same field:                      47%
        Moved around within one general field:  22.4%
        Changed fields once or twice:                25%
        Changed fields three or more times:        2%

WISP alumnae careers in the sciences:

  • 67% currently work in a science-related field
  •  7% previously worked in the sciences
  •  6% plan to work in the sciences
  • 20% never worked in the sciences and don't intend to

Science careers of WISP alumnae

  • Health or medicine        45%
  • Life sciences                 15%
  • Physical sciences           10%
  • Engineering                    9%

Factors at Dartmouth that encouraged alumnae to pursue the sciences:

Specific Classes ♦  Faculty advisors or mentors  ♦  Undergraduate research experiences

"My WISP internship was very impactful - as a freshman to do real research with a renowned professor in neuroscience was a phenomenal opportunity that taught me accountability, rigor in scientific method, a love for science, and a sense of real accomplishment."

#1 reason for pursuing current career: Passion for the field!

Other reasons for pursuing current career differed by group:

Currently working in a science-related field:

  • Pre-professional work or internships
  • Role models in the field
Previously worked in the sciences:
  • Balancing life and career
  • Availability of jobs in the field

Plan to work in the sciences:

  • Pre-professional work or internships
  • Availability of jobs in the field

Never worked in the sciences and do not plan to do so

  • Pre-professional work or internships
  • Availability of jobs in the field

"Working in a laboratory setting for the first time completely solidified my passion for science and has made the lab my office of choice.  I love working in the science field, and my internship started me off on that path!"







Last Updated: 9/2/11