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United Way Profile: Kate Soule

Dartmouth's Kate Soule: Dedicated United Way Campaigner


Kate SouleKate Soule, Director of Arts and Sciences Finance and Research Administration, first became involved with the United Way when she arrived at the College in 1996. She served on the Steering Committee in 1996, 1997, and 2013, working specifically on the student campaign. In addition to working on the Steering Committee, Kate Soule has given to the United Way every year since arriving at the College.

Something that particularly draws Kate Soule to work for and donate to the United Way is, "the chance for my charitable donation to have a wider impact with organizations I may not know about or for which I do not have the time or capacity to donate to separately."

The United Way has recognized needs of the Upper Valley and works with a wide variety of agencies that addresses these needs. "By donating to the United Way," Kate Soule says, "I am confident my donation goes where it is needed most."

Last Updated: 10/31/13