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United Way Profile: Clarissa Li

WISE volunteer is there for victims of domestic and sexual violence


Clarissa LiDartmouth psychology major Clarissa Li '15, has been a volunteer advocate with WISE of the Upper Valley for almost a year, taking calls on WISE's 24-hour crisis line as well as volunteering for overnight shifts at least twice a month.

She was drawn to WISE, which provides advocacy and crisis services, to those affected by domestic and sexual violence, because she was interested in counseling and the idea of connecting with people and supporting them on a personal level.

"I strongly believe that domestic and sexual violence are things no one should ever have to experience," Li says. "I really wanted to find out how I could get involved in making a difference."

The mission statement of WISE, which serves 15 towns in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont, focuses on empowerment of program clients through information, support, resources and education.

"WISE strengthens those who are experiencing the effects of domestic and sexual violence and gives them hope," Li says. "Many people who call find that they are not alone in what they are experiencing and this is an incredibly empowering thing."

United Way donations help WISE provide information, support and resources to victims of domestic and sexual violence so that they can make the best decision for their situation, Li says. "It allows organizations like WISE to continue bravely engaging with problems in the Upper Valley and share hope and change in a meaningful way."

Last Updated: 10/31/13