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Dartmouth College Granite United Way
Hinman Box 6123

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give?
You may either use your pledge form or go online at You can make a one time donation or give throughout the year via payroll deduction.

Why does United Way Exist?
United Way was established by, and for, the community as the place where society's most powerful forces join to work for a common goal. For more than 40 years, we've been improving lives and communities throughout the Upper Valley region. United Way brings together individuals from business, government, education, health care, faith groups, and nonprofits by raising awareness of issues facing the community and leveraging public/private partnerships to create programs that improve lives.

Why should people give to Granite United Way?

  • We're local-funds raised here, stay here.
  • We're accountable-our Community Investment volunteers treat your investment with care. They spend thousands of hours reviewing programs, making site visits, analyzing budgets and assessing the likelihood of success of a program before making a funding decision. programs must meet strict guidelines and prove to volunteers exactly how they improve lives. This investment strategy enables us to be sure we are doing the most with donor dollars.
  • We're efficient-in order to keep costs low, we rely on hundreds of volunteers to help us raise money for local programs by asking employees, businesses, and individuals to contribute.
  • We're effective-Granite United Way is committed to creating long-lasting change by addressing the underlying causes of our community's problems. In order to do so, we have focused our work locally on three critical areas of need in our community-education and lifelong learning, health and wellness, and housing and economic self-sufficiency. These areas of investment align with the building blocks for a good life—education, income and health.

What does United Way do with my investment?
Annual campaign contributions are distributed each year through a rigorous, volunteer-led allocation process. United Way's vision is to make our community the best place if can be for children, adults, and families. Every initiative/program and its proposed outcomes are carefully measured before being allocated to local agencies or specific community initiatives.

Does United Way sell or trade list information of its donors?
No. United Way maintains its own database of supporters and will under no circumstances sell or trade this information to any individual or organization, public or private.

Why should I give to United Way in addition to my other charities?
Everyone should give to the charities that are closest to their hearts, but a gift to United Way will extend charitable giving by investing in the needs for the greater community. This could include investments in lesser-known agencies that may not have high visibility or public awareness.

Why should I give to United Way instead of a direct service agency?
United Way bases its allocations and annual grants on a rigorous process that stresses accountability from its partners. We work closely with our partners so that together we will achieve real and sustainable results in the community.

Can I still designate my United Way gift for a direct service agency?
Absolutely. Giving is a personal decision and we would never discourage donors from following their hearts. That stated, no other organization in our area has the same depth of reach, partnerships, or perspective as does United Way. We direct resources where they are needed most. United Way will honor donor designations intended for a United Way partner agency, any United Way and/or health or human services agency having 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Agencies whose primary purpose is not charitable or social services are not eligible.

What percentage of my donation goes back into the community?
More than 80% of your donation goes directly to your local community. This exceeds best practice standards.

Why is my pledge important? Or What does it mean to "LIVE UNITED"?
Your contribution, no matter how big or small, makes an impact on services in our community. The "LIVE UNITED" campaign aims to cultivate a culture in which everyone has a voice, whether they have one dollar or a million, hours of time to contribute or hardly a moment. Living United means being a part of the change.


Last Updated: 9/29/15