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Dartmouth Compliance and Ethics Hotline

Dartmouth College is committed to an environment where all Dartmouth community members are encouraged to report any suspected violations of law or Dartmouth policy without fear of retaliation.
Dartmouth has contracted with an independent third party (EthicsPoint) to serve as the point of intake for receiving complaints and concerns. This service supplements existing offices on campus that help register such concerns, including such issues as academic and research misconduct, child abuse, financial misconduct, sexual assault or abuse, or confidentiality concerns.

We have prepared an FAQ document that provides additional information on this process.
Click here to report any activities that you believe may involve violations of law or Dartmouth policy.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Civil Matters

New Hampshire Legal Assistance


  • New Hampshire Legal Assistance provides legal assistance to individuals who meet certain financial requirements. In order to be eligible for this program, a person or that person's family must earn no more than 125% of the federal poverty standard for the appropriate grouping. New Hampshire Legal Assistance handles civil matters, including tenant, fair housing, and social security and welfare benefits matters.

New Hampshire Bar Association


  • There are two legal assistance programs sponsored by the New Hampshire Bar Association:
  • New Hampshire Lawyer Referral Service. The Lawyer Referral Service provides referrals to attorneys who handles particular types of legal issues. The initial consultation with an attorney under this program is free of charge. After that, however, the attorney will generally charge his or her regular rate for representation. In some cases there is also a small fee ($25) for the referral.
  • New Hampshire Reduced Fee Program. Persons who meet the financial eligibility requirements of this program will be referred to an attorney with expertise in the area of the particular legal matter. Attorneys participating in this program charge a reduced rate.

New Hampshire Criminal Matters

New Hampshire Public Defender Program


  • The Public Defender Program exists to assist individuals with limited financial means in defending themselves against criminal charges that may result in jail time. You should inquire through the charging court by calling the clerk of the court about your eligibility to obtain a public defender in your case.

Last Updated: 9/25/13