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Alumni Liaison Committee opens lines of communication

Since its creation in December 2007, Dartmouth's Alumni Liaison Committee (ALC) has made rapid gains in improving communication between alumni and the College, most significantly by creating a system to gather and distribute alumni feedback.

"The ALC has created an effective way for alumni to get their questions answered and have their perspectives heard," says Trustee John Donahoe '82, chair of the Board's Alumni Relations Committee. "The ALC makes sure that alumni input gets to the right place in the College-whether that be the Dean's Office, the Athletic Department, or the Board of Trustees."

Have something to say?

Send your thoughts to, and the Alumni Liaison Committee (ALC) will make sure they are heard.

Learn more about the ALC and read its annual report to the Board on alumni activities. The 2008-2009 report will be available online in August

The ALC is an Alumni Council committee. Members are drawn from the Alumni Council, the Association of Alumni Executive Board, and the general alumni body.

In its first seven months, the group collected 736 messages from alumni and presented its first report to the Board. ALC chair Rick Silverman '81 shared the messages in monthly meetings with David Spalding '76, vice president of Alumni Relations, and Spalding presented the comments to the appropriate College personnel.

"Dartmouth alumni are certainly not shy about sharing both the good and the bad about Dartmouth," says Silverman, who is also past president of the Alumni Council. "The ALC can help alert the Board to hot-button issues. Likewise, it can bring messages from the board back to alumni."

The ALC has met with trustees on campus and via teleconference six times since December 2007.

"The progress made is largely a result of trustees such as [Board Chair] Ed Haldeman and John Donahoe taking an active role in working with members of the ALC to help provide a framework through which we can work for the mutual benefit of the Board and alumni," says Silverman.


Last Updated: 1/14/10