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Alumni Council Approves New Constitution

"The 195th Alumni Council session in November was a fitting conclusion to one of our busiest years," said Council President Rick Silverman '81. "We did a lot of work to strengthen our service as alumni representatives to the College." 

Photo of Wylie Collins '83
Wylie Collins '83, at-large representative, speaks at the 195th Alumni Council session in Hanover last fall. (photo by Kawakahi Kaeo Amina '09)

Topping that list, they overwhelmingly approved a new constitution.  Other efforts included changes to the council's committee structure and recommendations to support the election of council representatives.

"We wanted to make improvements to be more representative of the entire alumni body," said Martha Beattie '76, chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Council Structure, which wrote the new constitution.

The council will increase from 101 to 120 members, with every class through 55 years out having its own representative; representatives from the alumni affiliated groups and graduate/professional schools will increase; and at-large representatives will decrease from 21 to 6. The College Relations Group will be replaced with a new Alumni Liaison Committee, composed of the council president, president-elect, and past president; the Association of Alumni president and two past presidents; three councilors elected by the council; and three alumni elected by the council from the alumni body.

"We frequently describe the Alumni Council as a clearinghouse for alumni sentiment," added Silverman. "Based on our constitutional mandate, we try to engage as many alumni as possible, and we believe these changes will help make our efforts more effective."

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Last Updated: 5/30/08