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Report a Concern

Procedure Two: Anonymous Reporting of Perceived Compliance Deficiencies

All individuals may elect to anonymously report what he or she believes to be a compliance deficiency. To assure confidentiality, all electronic reports are encrypted at an off-campus server, and thus your e-mail address will not be transmitted to Dartmouth College.

Direct paths to the Vice Provost for Research of Dartmouth's Compliance Committee include

Telephone: 603-646-4091 (with 24-hour voicemail)
E-mail at:
Via U.S. mail (anonymous if you prefer)
Martin N. Wybourne, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Research
Provost Office
HB 6004
Telephone: (603) 646-4091

Send an anonymous form report

What happens when I report a concern?

Allegations of wrongdoing will activate the Dartmouth Misconduct Policy.

For more information, you may contact Martin N. Wybourne, Ph.D. at 603-646-4091, or via e-mail at

Last Updated: 12/23/08