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Upcoming Commencement Dates

  • June 12, 2016
  • June 11, 2017
  • June 10, 2018
  • June 9, 2019
  • June 14, 2020

Assembly & Order of March

On Commencement morning, seniors assemble at 8:15 a.m. in Leede Arena and must be in their assigned seats by 8:30 a.m.  The doors will be locked at 8:30 a.m. sharp so that diplomas may be arranged in final march order. Seniors will not be admitted to the Commencement procession after the doors are locked at 8:30 a.m.

Seniors march in alphabetical order.  March lists with the number assigned to each graduate will be posted in Baker Main Hall, Baker-Berry Library, the Friday before Commencement.

Graduate and professional school students gather at 8:15 a.m. (MBA) or 8:45 a.m. (PhD, MD, MS, AM, MALS, MPH, MEM, BE) at their designated assembly sites by Sanborn Library and in front of Wentworth Hall.

The platform group and faculty assemble at the Hopkins Center to form the Academic Procession.

At a signal from the undergraduate dean, the seniors march from Leede Arena to the College Green, where they form two lines through which the Academic Procession advances toward the platform.

The seniors and graduate and professional school students then march to their seats in the front sections.

Last Updated: 4/18/16