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dcf logoThe Dartmouth Centers Forum seeks to respond to growing political, ideological, social and intellectual dissonance in the academy and society.

The Dartmouth Centers Forum (DCF) hopes to create an enabling environment for constructive thinking and open dialogue campus-wide about current issues of the day. Activities include faculty research and curricular enhancement seminars, public events, and facilitated student dialogues.


body politic(s)Each academic year the DCF chooses a theme upon which to base its programming. The 2013-2014 Dartmouth Centers Forum theme is Body Politic(s): Health, Wellness, and Social Responsibility. Amidst a climate of global uncertainty, there is no more critical issue than taking care of ourselves and each other. From international dialogue to local organizing, the DCF looks to engage our entire community through this issue.

Some questions that align with our theme:

  • How does one grapple with stark disparities in international health care?
  • What is our "bystander responsibility" when we see unhealthy behavior?
  • How does our political system impact our health and wellbeing?
  • Does caring about faraway health problems even make a difference?

The DCF has created a focus for each term that will help students, staff, and faculty explore elements of the theme. For more information on these topic, see the Current Theme page.

Funding for Programs

Besides advancing this theme through the wide and varied missions of its member Centers, each term the DCF also will accept programming proposals through a Request For Proposals (RFP) process for students, faculty, and staff. Through this RFP, the DCF wishes to work in partnerships to facilitate meaningful discussions about the power of the arts, especially the arts at Dartmouth, to advance the missions of our member centers. The DCF hopes that this goal can be achieved through panels, workshops, discussions, and performances that will enable all members of the community to consider how powerfully the arts affect our understanding of the world, its people and its problems.

The DCF has released the RFP for spring term programming (due date: noon on March 28th). More information on the RFP process can be found on the Current Theme page. 

Programming Sponsored by DCF Members

In addition to programming funded through our RFP and DCF-led programming, the DCF's member centers will conduct programming focused on Body Politic(s). Information on future events is on the Upcoming Events page.  Please check back often to learn about newly scheduled events related to the Body Politic(s) theme.


Recent Events

Watch Dartmouth students perform their poetry followed by Slam Poet Taylor Mali's performance of his piece "Words and Their Consequences".

News Coverage of Recent Events

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