Work United

“I need to find childcare that I can afford.”

“My car breaks down all the time. How am I going to get to work?”

“I need to find housing.”

“I have a family member who is in trouble and it’s stressing me out!”

Giving to the annual United Way campaign ensures that local agencies can continue to meet the needs of our Upper Valley neighbors and the people you work with every day on campus.

Dartmouth College is partnered with Granite United Way’s Work United program, which helps College employees navigate stressful life events that can interfere with success and happiness at work.

Resource coordinators from Granite United Way help employees with a wide range of issues - financial concerns, childcare, transportation, housing, career development, and access to all kinds of local and regional assistance programs—the same local programs and agencies that are funded by the generosity of giving campaigns like the Dartmouth community’s.

When you give to the annual campaign, you’re funding the programs of local agencies that are helping your colleagues live happier, healthier lives—which makes their work lives happier, too.

To learn more about Work United, contact Granite United Way’s resource coordinator:

• Pru Pease— 603-298-8499