Collections Action and Response Team: CART


The purpose of the group is to develop collection disaster recovery skills among members as well as serving as an educational forum to promote awareness among library staff of situations which can place collections at risk.

The group will be responsible for the organization of the initial recovery of physical formats housed in the Library these include: books, paper, optical media, magnetic media, maps, photographs, etc. Library materials that exist electronically on a computer are not included.

Activities may include training to respond to a water based disaster; updating an online disaster manual; working with campus staff to gather needed information for the manual.

Members will be responsible for updating and educating their coworkers on disaster awareness; inventorying their respective library’s disaster kit; keeping their local copy of the disaster manual up to date.

Membership: 2010-2011

Preservation - Deborah Howe (Chair), Stephanie Wolff, Brian Markee
Baker Berry - Joanne Messineo
Dana Biomedical - Kerry Lazarus
Feldberg -
Kresge - Lisa Ladd
Matthews-Fuller - Owen Mcdowell
Paddock - Joy Weale
Rauner - Phyllis Gilbert
Records Management - Wess Jolley

Responsible Managers

Barb Sagraves (Head of Preservation) and Lora Thompson (Director of Management Services)

Primary communication method: Email