Council on the Libraries


The Council on the Libraries shall consist of the Librarian of the College; the Provost or his or her representative; the Dean of College or his or her representative; six members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (two from each division, from different departments) appointed by the Committee on Organization and Policy); one member from each of the three Professional Schools; and three students, two undergraduates and one graduate (TBA). The Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer serves as a non-voting member.

Members 2018 - 2019 academic year



(1) To represent the faculty in maintaining the excellence of the Library with respect both to its holdings and to its usefulness to the educational community.

(2) To advise the Librarian of the College on formulation and implementation of policies for the acquisition, housing, and preservation of library resources, on development of library services for the benefit of the libraries' users, and on other matters of general library policy.

(3) To assist in the apportionment of the acquisitions funds of the libraries, in keeping the Librarian of the College informed concerning library needs for programs of instruction and research, and in providing liaison between the Librarian of the College and the faculties of the College.

(4) To submit a report to the General Faculty at the end of each academic year.