Student Grievance Policy

Any undergraduate, graduate or professional student who believes that they have been subjected to discrimination based on their disability has options for resolving their concerns. Dartmouth College encourages an efficient and informal resolution of student concerns, including, when appropriate, third party alternative dispute resolution options. In most instances, we have found that student concerns can be quickly resolved through informal discussions. Informal resolution may be sought by reaching out to the Student Accessibility Services office for undergraduates or to the appropriate accessibility services office in the various graduate and professional schools, The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity may also be able to assist in informal resolution for any student,, and you may reach out directly to IDE, as well.

However, if a student is not satisfied with these efforts or wishes to file a formal grievance without seeking an informal resolution, they are welcome to do so. In doing so, the responsibility for resolution moves to the ADA/504 Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity. The procedure is designed to provide a prompt and fair resolution of allegations of disability-based discrimination.

These grievance procedures are available in response to the following situations:

  • Disagreement with any action, inaction or decision made by Student Accessibility Services (SAS) or the disability services office or officer in the various graduate and professional programs.
  • Discrimination resulting from a failure to implement an agreed-upon accommodation, the quality of the accommodation provided, the timeliness of the receipt of the accommodation, or any other accommodation-based claim.
  • Other discriminatory actions or inactions, including a failure to remove accessibility barriers.
  • Discrimination in the form of disability-based harassment.

To initiate a formal grievance, a complainant must submit their complaint in writing (mail or email), including the name, address, email address and phone number of the student, directly to the ADA/504 Coordinator. The complaint must set forth a description of the allegations of discrimination, including the specific facts in support of the allegation(s) and must be signed (electronic signatures are acceptable).