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Summit on Sexual Assault
July 13 – 17, 2014
Cost: $300 ($100 for students)
The $300 cost  of the conference covers the open portion of the Summit (Monday, July 14th and Tuesday, July 15th). 

Presenters - Tuesday, July 15

8:30 – 10:00 AM PLENARY


  • Leslie Morgan Steiner
  • Curt and Christie Brungardt
  • Laura Dunn; Susan Brison (Dartmouth)
  • Moderator: Claudia Bayliff

PLEASE NOTE: Recording of this session is not permitted.

Leslie Morgan Steiner

Leslie Morgan SteinerLeslie Morgan Steiner is a bestselling author and member of the One Love Foundation National Advisory Council. The One Love Foundation was established in 2010 by Sharon and Lexie Love, as well as additional family and friends to honor the memory of Yeardley Reynolds Love. The “One” represents the number Yeardley wore on her jersey during her high school and college lacrosse career. The number has since been retired by the University of Virginia in her memory. Steiner’s connection with relationship violence is a personal one; her own life experiences inspired her New York Times bestseller and upcoming Lifetime television movie Crazy Love. Steiner is a frequent speaker about family violence as a celebrity board member for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, a member of Liz Claiborne’s MADE council, and a former spokeswoman for The Harriet Tubman Center in Minneapolis, the country’s oldest shelter for abused women and children. Steiner is also the editor of the highly acclaimed anthology Mommy Wars and a former columnist for

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Drs. Curt and Christie Brungardt

Curt and Christie BrungardtDrs. Curt and Christie Brungardt are best known as social entrepreneurs who have worked tirelessly to address issues of injustice and inequality. Combined they have 41 years in higher education where they have been active in the fields of leadership development and civic engagement. Dr. Curt Brungardt is the Voss Distinguished Professor of Leadership Studies and the Executive Director of the Center for Civic Leadership at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Hays, Kansas. Dr. Christie Brungardt is an Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies and the Director of the Women’s Leadership Project at FHSU. On July 3rd 2008, Curt and Christie’s lives changed forever. Their daughter, Jana Mackey, a 25 year-old law student at the University of Kansas was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in Lawrence, Kansas. Since Jana’s death, Curt and Christie have transformed themselves from academics to activists working nationally to reduce gender-based violence. Nearly five years ago, they established the education and violence prevention organization- Jana’s Campaign, Inc. They believe it is their responsibility to use both the story of Jana’s life and the story of her death to reduce gender and relationship violence.

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Laura Dunn, J.D.

Laura DunnLaura Dunn, J.D., is a nationally recognized campus sexual violence survivor and founder of SurvJustice recently featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, MSNBC and the National Law Journal. In 2007, Dunn graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.A. in Legal Studies and Psychology with a certificate in Criminal Justice. As a student she became an outspoken survivor and filed a Title IX complaint against the UW. In 2010, her struggle for justice was featured by the Center for Public Integrity and NPR. In 2014, Dunn received a J.D. from the University of Maryland where she graduated Order of the Barristers and with the William P. Cunningham Award for her national campus activism, which included successfully lobbying for the passage of the 2013 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Reauthorization, advising the White House Task Force Protecting Students Against Sexual Assault, and serving as the primary student negotiator on the U.S. Department of Education’s VAWA Rulemaking Committee.

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Susan J. Brison, Ph.D.

Susan BrisonSusan J. Brison, Ph.D., is Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Dartmouth College and has held visiting positions at Tufts, Princeton, and NYU. Having survived a near-fatal rape and murder attempt in France in 1990, she has first-hand experience of how traumatic violence shatters a self and of how a self can be rebuilt in connection with others. Through her book, Aftermath: Violence and the Remaking of a Self (Princeton University Press, 2002), and her scholarly articles and lectures, she has brought greater philosophical attention to the topics of rape, domestic violence, hate speech, and pornography. A prominent voice in the anti-rape movement for nearly twenty-five years, she has raised public awareness of gender-based violence through international talks and radio interviews as well as articles in the The New York Times Magazine, The Guardian, The San Francisco Chronicle, and other newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

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Claudia J. Bayliff

Claudia BayliffClaudia J. Bayliff is an attorney and educator with more than twenty-six years of experience working on issues related to sexual assault. She is currently serving as the National Judicial Education Program’s (NJEP) Project Attorney, developing judicial educational materials about sexual assault and helping to implement a nationwide, comprehensive plan for judicial education about sexual assault. She was the first Chief of the United States Air Force’s worldwide Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program. She has also consulted with the Department of the Navy, the Navy and the Marine Corps to help them develop their sexual assault prevention strategy and with United States Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) to assist them in their efforts to improve how they investigate sexual assault cases. Ms. Bayliff has presented for such organizations as the Second International Conference on Training of the Judiciary, the Canadian National Judicial Institute, the National Center for Victims of Crime, the National Association of Women Judges, the National Association of State Judicial Educators, the National Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and at numerous other national and local conferences.

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10:30 AM – 12:00 PM CONCURRENT SESSIONS (conference registrants only)

A. Engaging Multiple Levels of the Social Ecology to Prevent Sexual and Relationship Violence and Stalking on Campus Jane Stapleton (UNH)

Jane Stapleton, M.A.

Jane StapletonJane Stapleton, M.A., serves as Co-Director of the University of New Hampshire Prevention Innovations: Research and Practices for Ending Violence Against Women and has extensive experience in working to end violence against women in a college/university setting. She coordinates the National Training and Technical Assistance Consortium to Prevent Sexual and Relationship Violence and Stalking. She is a lead developer and evaluator of the Know-Your-Power® Bystander Social Marketing Campaign and is working to expand the mediums for disseminating the campaign. Jane trains colleges, universities and community organizations how to facilitate Bringing in the Bystander ® and implement comprehensive strategies to end violence. She teaches in both the Women’s Studies Program and the Family Studies and Social Work Departments at UNH, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the School and College Organization for Prevention Educators (SCOPE). As an activist, administrator, policy maker, service provider and researcher, she has worked in the field of ending sexual and relationship violence and stalking for 28 years.

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B. Evaluation Strategies to Assess the Efficacy of Campus Prevention Programs Sharyn Potter (UNH)

Sharyn J. Potter, Ph.D., MPH

Sharyn PotterSharyn J. Potter, Ph.D., MPH, is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology and Co-Director and Co-Founder, of Prevention Innovations, Research and Practices for Ending Violence Against Women on Campus, a research and development unit at the University of New Hampshire. Prevention Innovations was identified in “Not Alone: The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault” released on April 29, 2014. Dr. Potter has a doctoral degree in medical sociology and a masters degree in public health from Emory University. Dr. Potter co-leads the development, dissemination and evaluation and of the Know Your Power® Bystander Social Marketing Campaign that raises awareness regarding the problems of sexual and relationship violence and stalking. The campaign images model prosocial behaviors that target audience members can use in situations where sexual and relationship violence and stalking are occurring, have occurred or have the potential to occur. Nine peer-reviewed papers describe the research findings from the campaign. She will be leading research efforts identified in the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault on the University of New Hampshire Campus.

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C. Sexual Violence and LGBTQ Student Communities: What We Know, and New Directions for Practice and Research Susan Marine (Merrimack College)

Susan Marine, Ph.D.

Susan MarineSusan Marine, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor and Program Director in Higher Education at Merrimack College. She has 20 years of experience leading initiatives in higher education for the advancement of women and gender non-conforming students. In addition to directing sexual violence prevention initiatives on three different college campuses, she most recently served as Assistant Dean of Harvard College for Student Life and Director of the Harvard College Women’s Center. She teaches courses in higher education history, theory, and practice, and her research focuses on feminist praxis and LGBT student inclusion in higher education. She is the author of Stonewall's Legacy: Bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender students in higher education.

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D. News from the Front Lines: Student Conduct Systems

  • Sue Wasiolek (Duke)
  • Jeanne Lord (Georgetown University)
  • Don Ostdiek (Rice University)
  • Daren Mooko (Pomona College)

Sue Wasiolek

Sue WasiolekSue Wasiolek has worked in the Division of Student Affairs at Duke University for the past thirty-five years (except for a brief nine month hiatus to practice law). During this time, she has served as the Assistant to the Dean for Student life, the Dean for Student Life and currently works as an Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students. Her areas of responsibility and oversight have included new student orientation, judicial affairs, residential life, parent programs, fraternity and sorority life, disability services, leadership development, case management, student health and wellness, counseling and psychological services, mediation, crisis response and numerous “other duties as assigned.” Sue has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Science Education, a Master of Health and Hospital Administration and a Master of Law degree from Duke. She has also completed a Juris Doctor degree from North Carolina Central University and a Doctor of Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Jeanne Fielding Lord

Jeanne Fielding Lord is completing her nineteenth year in the Division of Student Affairs at Georgetown University, where she serves as Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Undergraduate Students. She holds appointments in the departments of Catholic Studies and American Studies at Georgetown University; Jeanne also serves as Director of the Association of Jesuit Colleges Universities’ Seminar on Higher Education Leadership. Jeanne earned her undergraduate degree at the Medical College of Virginia, and holds a J.D from The Catholic University of America and an Ed.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a frequent speaker on the topic of women’s leadership, and in 2009 was invited to give the Rita Casella Jones Lecture at the Francis and Ann Curran Center for American Catholic Studies at Fordham University. In 2011, she was elected to honorary membership in Alpha Sigma Nu, and last year received the Matteo Ricci Award from the John Carroll Fellows Program at Georgetown.

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Dr. Don Ostdiek

Dr. Don Ostdiek has served for the past four years as Associate Dean of Undergraduates at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and before that as Rice’s Assistant Dean of Judicial Programs. He chairs the Consultation and Assessment Team, the university’s multidisciplinary behavior assessment team which tracks students of concern or otherwise at-risk. At Rice, Dr. Ostdiek oversees the Student Judicial Office, the Rice Counseling Center, and the Student Wellbeing Office, which provided retention and case management support. As Dean, Dr. Ostdiek also oversees the Study Abroad Office where he has had a long standing academic interest in internationalizing the curriculum. Dr. Ostdiek received his PhD in American Government and Public Policy from the Political Science Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and at Rice also directs the undergraduate Policy Studies Program and occasionally teaches courses in Public Policy Analysis and Bureaucracy.

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Daren Mooko

Daren MookoDaren Mooko is the Associate Dean of Students at Pomona College. In his role as Associate Dean of Students, Daren serves as the College’s Title IX Coordinator, Advisor to the Student Judiciary Council and as Junior and Senior Dean. He also served as Director of the Asian American Resource Center at Pomona College for 11 years during which time, the Claremont Colleges approved the Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies. Mooko earned his BA in English from San Diego State University, and his M.Ed. at The University of Vermont in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration.

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E. The Psychology of Offenders and Investigation Strategies, Part I Dr. David Lisak and Claire Harwell

Dr. David Lisak

For David Lisak’s bio, see Monday, July 14

Claire Harwell, J.D.

Claire HarwellClaire Harwell, J.D., is the Director of the Community Justice Project for the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Inc. Claire has worked in sexual assault prevention and response for over three decades. As a victim advocate and prevention expert, she worked with rape crisis centers in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Mexico. She has also served as a state-certified campus law enforcement officer, attaining the rank of Corporal (a training officer) in the state of North Carolina. Later, as a sex crimes prosecutor, she worked in a district attorney’s office, and as the Director of the NM Attorney General’s office Violence Against Women Division. She advises universities, the U.S. military, prosecutors’ offices, and the U.S. Dept. of Justice on matters relating to effective response to crimes of sexual violence. She is the manager of the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Program’s Community Justice Project, a specialized non-profit legal practice at eight sites across the state of N.M., in this role she personally represents sexual assault survivors statewide in a wide range of civil and criminal law issues.

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F. Clery Update and Discussion

  • Dana Scaduto (Dickinson)
  • Robert Donin (Dartmouth)

Dana Scaduto

Dana ScadutoDana Scaduto is General Counsel at Dickinson College, a position she has held since 2002. Before that, Dana was in private practice in Harrisburg PA where she founded and served as the chairperson of her firm's education practice and as a member of its intellectual property and litigation practice groups. Dana is a frequent speaker and presenter on a variety of higher education topics. Since 1995, Dana has been an active member of the National Association of College and University Attorneys ("NACUA"). She has served in various leadership roles at NACUA, including two terms of service as a member of the Board of Directors (2007 - 2010, 2011 - 2014), and having recently concluded a term of service as NACUA's Chair of the Board of Directors (2012-2013). Dana has also presented at numerous NACUA conferences and virtual seminars. Dana is also a member of the Legal Services Review Panel for the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. Most recently, in her service to higher education, Dana was honored to be selected as a negotiator in the rulemaking process for the amendments to VAWA and Clery that concluded in April. The amendments were published in the Federal Register for public comment on June 20. Dana received an A.B. in English Literature from Purdue University and a J.D. from the Indiana University School of Law.

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Bob Donin

Bob Donin is General Counsel of Dartmouth College, a position he has held since August, 2000. Prior to coming to Dartmouth, Bob was an attorney with Harvard University Office of the General Counsel, where he served as Deputy General Counsel (1997-2000), Administrative Coordinator (1993-97), and University Attorney (1984-92). Before joining the Harvard legal staff, he was a partner with the Washington, D.C. firm of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard & McPherson, where he practiced litigation and administrative law. A graduate of Colgate University, Bob received his J.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and an LL.M. degree from the University of London, where he was a Fulbright/Hays Scholar in International Law. Bob is a member of the board of directors of the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) and Kendal at Hanover (a continuing care retirement community).

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