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Office of the Registrar

Dartmouth College
Office of the Registrar
6014 McNutt Hall
Hanover, NH 03755-3541

Phone: (603) 646-2246
Fax: (603) 646-2247
Email: registrar@Dartmouth.EDU

Unofficial Transcript Information

Dartmouth provides students with two versions of their unofficial transcript: a web version, designed primarily for online viewing, and a PDF version, sent to students’ email accounts and designed to share with others. Both versions are available on the DartHub Menu.

  • To view the online version, select “Unofficial Transcript - Web version” on your DartHub menu.
  • To have a PDF version sent to your Dartmouth email account, select “Unofficial Transcript - PDF version” on your DartHub menu.

Unofficial Versus Official Transcripts

While the unofficial and official transcripts show similar information, they are used for different purposes. The official transcript is generally required for graduate school applications, some employment opportunities, security clearances, internships, and volunteer work. You should request an official transcript whenever you need to validate the courses you took at Dartmouth with an official document.

While both the official and unofficial transcripts serve to present your academic history at Dartmouth, the information appears differently and has different levels of security. The Web version of the unofficial transcript bears a “this is not official” stamp throughout and is designed to be viewed online. The unofficial PDF transcript looks the same as the official transcript, except it has the word "UNOFFICIAL" printed across the document, and the language, "This document is an *unofficial* transcript and should not replace the *official* transcript," at the top and bottom of each page. Unlike an official electronic transcript, this document is not digitally certified.

Unofficial Transcript FAQ

Where are the Unofficial Transcript menu items?

Access the unofficial transcripts via the DartHub menu. Select either "Unofficial Transcript - Web version" or "Unofficial Transcript - PDF version.” The web version is available immediately, and the PDF version is emailed to your Dartmouth email address shortly after the request is submitted.


What is the advantage of having an unofficial transcript in addition to the official transcript that you can request through the Registrar’s Office?

The unofficial transcript provides students with a place to view their current GPA, all the courses they have taken, as well as those for which they are currently registered whenever they need. 


When does a student use an unofficial transcript?

Unofficial transcripts are helpful for internal purposes including, internship applications, to show the types of courses you have taken to apply for a research grant, or to show that a student has met a minimum GPA requirement. Students can show proof of enrollment in a future term when an unofficial document is acceptable. They can be helpful for advising purposes as well.


Does PE credit show on an unofficial transcript?

Students may control the display of PE credit by selecting two different views of the unofficial transcript Web version. They may access an unofficial transcript with PE credit listed or an unofficial PE transcript showing only the PE credit. Please note that unofficial transcripts do not reflect the swim test. The PDF version of the unofficial transcript mirrors the official transcript and therefore it does not reflect PE credit or the swim test.

Last Updated: 10/4/18