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Office of the Registrar
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Classroom Information

Guidance for Winter 2021 - A memo from Professor Scott Pauls, Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning, 10/13/2020.

Course Delivery Modes

Delivery Mode


Remote, with synchronous components

The course section is delivered remotely and includes some regularly scheduled synchronous components delivered in a fixed time block.

Remote, entirely asynchronous

The course section is delivered remotely and has no scheduled synchronous components that require a time block. 

Remote, with on-campus components

The course section will be delivered remotely but requires a classroom for some on-campus/in-person course activities.  

On Campus

The course section is delivered with an on-campus component

Individualized Study

The course section is delivered to single students by the instructor.

Course Delivery Modes: Additional Information from the Academic Continuity Team Leads

Reduced Classroom Capacity

Classroom capacity is greatly reduced due to physical distancing and ventilation requirements. Note, these are not final capacities and may change as additional analysis takes place.

  • Room capacity of 30+ students: 5 rooms
  • Room capacity of 20-30 students: 2 rooms
  • Room capacity of 10-12 students: 16 rooms

Last Updated: 10/19/20