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60-Second Survey, Winter 2016 - Comments

Question 1: Which of the following do you use frequently for your academic date and deadline information?

  • Term calendar on the Registrar website
  • Registrar homepage
  • Registrar emails received throughout the term
  • College-wide event calendar
  • Other (use comments area to specify)


  • And fraternity academic chair
  • athletic department
  • Blitzes from dean and UGA
  • Canvas calendar
  • Email
  • class syllabi 
  • Emails from dean
  • Faculty Advisor
  • finals schedule page and term calendar page
  • Financial aid menu.
  • Friends
  • google it
  • I didn't know there was a term calendar on the registrar website.
  • My UGA blitzes us to remind us. It's a lifesaver, because often the Registrar sends them early and infrequently and it can be easily forgotten.
  • Please email us more when we are close to the deadlines; especially when we are off campus, there is no way to know or be reminded if the registrar doesn't email us. 
  • Reminders from teammates, greek house members, etc.
  • as messages in group chats and/or as blitzes.
  • Scholarship chair of my fraternity
  • Undergraduate Dean
  • Word of mouth


Question 2: Where else would it be helpful to view or receive academic date and deadline information?

  • Text messages
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • Other (use comments area to specify)


  • A Facebook page
  • announcements around campus
  • As long as it's like once before the next term and a reminder text if I haven't done yet. 
  • better email calendars
  • Blitzes are good. Maybe just short, text-style blitzes. 
  • Dartmouth homepage
  • Dartmouth planners
  • Direct Messages in social media would be very effective
  • Email reminders for course election!
  • Have a tab on banner that gives personalized academic deadlines to students (specific to the department of their major or according to their class year) 
  • Having them linked to our canvas calendars would be pretty useful.
  • I don't think any of these would be particularly helpful additions to the emails I already usually use to find out dates and deadlines.
  • I think emails are sufficient, but for those who require the extra notification, texting is the best option. However, this should be optional, as I personally would find text messages to be annoying or clutter.
  • I think what we have is sufficient
  • i wouldn't see any of these. email is best
  • it would be great to view dates and deadlines in calendar form (instead of the current list) on the registrar site
  • literally all of these
  • None - the term calendar and blitzes are extremely helpful and enough. 
  • I utilize the term calendar primarily for academic date and deadline information, because it is no concise and all in one place.  It would be pretty irritating to receive texts/tweets/instas about academic dates and deadlines, in my opinion.
  • none, registrar e-mails are good
  • only text to check in - this is the most commonly missed deadline - and send it early
  • Physical posters in dorms
  • Reminders in the Dartmouth newspaper
  • Reminders through professors in class
  • Separate email reminders for the most important dates
  • text messages would be very helpful
  • website is fine, i use it
  • Would probably be the most useful, as a reminder sent out ~4 hours before the deadline (8pm)


Question 3: What else would you like to tell us about viewing or receiving academic date and deadline information?


  • a couple of more email notifications won't hurt
  • As a student currently off-term, I only found out about the spring term course submission deadline when I happened to look it up on the site just a day before submissions were due. I don't know if the regular deadline notification email only goes out to students currently on term, but both my roommate (who is also off for this winter) and I were not notified in any way (to our knowledge) as to when course selection was starting and ending.
  • Be more detailed on the website pages
  • blitz isn't very effective with all the spam messages
  • Canvas is pretty good so long as the professor updates it regularly.
  • I almost exclusively get my information from e-mails. I would prefer to keep receiving those emails.
  • I can never find that one page that has the registration schedule timeline in a pretty graphic with colors ( Sometimes I find it, but it would be easier if it was just on the ORC home page.
  • I don't have any complaints! I think the process is good as it is :)
  • I feel constantly out of the loop when it comes to such deadlines. It's impossible to sort through spam blitzes and find the ones that contain important deadline information in a reasonable amount of time.
  • I find the website format very accessible
  • i forget if you do this already sometimes, but it'd be cool ''event requests'' were attached to emails for the option of easily adding deadlines to personal calendar
  • I have never experienced any difficulty in finding the information I need when I need it, so I'd say the system is pretty good.
  • I like receiving info in my email and as text messages on my i-phone. I also like the idea of email sent to the family email address as well.
  • I never know when to sign up for classes!
  • I only see the emails and they are often not early enough in the term
  • I think it's a good system right now. Doesn't take much effort to get to the information on the registrar website.
  • I think visuals are really important so rather than just listing the dates on the Registrar website, maybe put it in calendar format? I think it makes it less stressful on the reader to look at a calendar and visualize the deadlines rather than seeing a list of mono-formatted information
  • I usually sign on to my student's banner account.  It would be nice if parents had their own banner account.
  • I wish the registrar's office made it more clear when the class election widow is. On campus people are aware of it through word of mouth, but on study abroad terms and off-terms it can be easy to miss the deadline without any reminders.
  • It is difficult to find out where the academic date information is located.
  • It is stressful.
  • It should be the first page when you access the ORC webpage.
  • its kinda hard to find on the website. All i want to know is when add drop and it takes a lot of looking to find
  • link that ish up to my phone plz. get stated on a Dartmouth app...where I can streamline everything. it will be worth investing in, trust. hit me up if you need to find the coders although im sure you can just make your cs students do it
  • Make it easy to read, condensed, and only have the most important dates and possibly a link to others. Reminders (1 or 2) as it gets close to important deadlines would be nice.
  • More emails during course selection period, please! This is often during round two of midterms, meaning it can be the last thing on some people's minds.
  • Nothing.  You do a good job of keeping me updated with all the deadlines.
  • please continue sending emails about it.
  • Sometimes its a bit confusing, but the undergrad dean emails are what I go to
  • thanks i appreciate what you all do
  • The emails we receive are useful, but it would be helpful if the same information was online.
  • Unless many students have trouble with viewing/receiving academic date and deadline information, I don't think anything needs to change.  As long as the term calendar is up to date and accurate, that is all I need or use.
  • Usually, I receive an email from my Undergraduate Dean and VOX Daily about the academic deadlines.
  • We should be notified more regularly via email

Last Updated: 7/25/18