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Winter 2021 Student FAQ

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last updated 10/23/20



Policy Changes



Paper-Based Services


Have there been any changes to the winter term calendar?

Yes, the start of winter term 2021 has moved to Thursday, January 7, 2021. See the winter term calendar for other updated dates.


Are classes held remotely winter 2021?

While Dartmouth will offer some courses on-campus, most courses will be delivered remotely. The course delivery mode will be included on the Timetable of Class Meetings and course election/add/drop will occur as normal. The winter term Timetable of Class Meetings will include the course delivery mode for winter course offerings.


How soon can the Registrar’s Office respond to my inquiry?

Please be patient.  We do not have all the answers to your questions, nor can we respond as quickly as you may like.  Our volume of inquiries has increased substantially, and we want to respond with accurate answers.  We will get to everyone; however, it is not helpful to write or call with the same inquiry more than once.


How do I get help using Canvas or Zoom?

See ITC’s Canvas: Request General Support page.

Policy Changes

Where do I find information on any policy changes for winter 2021?

The Registrar’s Office will add any known policy changes for winter 2021 in the Academic Policy FAQ and use other means of communication to the Dartmouth Community.


What will the grading policy be for winter 2021?

All instruction will be graded in accordance with normal grading policies as outlined in the ORC/Catalog. This includes the Non-Recording Option.


What is the NRO policy for winter term?

Winter term follows the typical NRO policy as outlined in the ORC/Catalog. The Non-recording option will no longer count for majors.


How do I know which courses are eligible for the NRO option?

Whether a course is eligible for the NRO option is published on the winter 2020 Timetable of Class Meetings available October 23.


Will students who are graduating winter 2021 have to pass the swim test or meet outstanding physical education requirements?

The College has suspended the requirements of a successful swim test and all remaining physical education credits for those undergraduate students who are graduating at the conclusion of summer ('20), fall, winter, or spring terms of the 2020-21 academic year and have not yet met these requirements.



When may I register for winter term 2021 courses?

Students’ first opportunity to enroll in courses is during the Course Election period October 28 through November 5. See the registration schedule for other important registration dates. Students’ D-Plan must be an “R” to enroll in winter term courses.


How many courses may I take winter 2021?

The course load policy has not been altered.


Do I need to be enrolled in a minimum of 2 courses, as well as keep within my limits of a 2-course term winter 2021?

Yes, this policy has not changed.


May I enroll in time-conflicting courses winter 2021 term?

You may not enroll in two courses listed on the Timetable that meet at the same time. You may, however, enroll in a course scheduled in a time block and an asynchronous course.


How do I know what time courses meet winter 2021?

 Many courses will meet at the times listed on the Timetable of Courses.  Some courses will say “ARR” (arranged) and you will need to contact the instructor.  If you find that a course is not meeting at the time listed, ask the instructor to contact the Registrar’s Office and we will change it on the Timetable.


May I audit a course that is on-campus or remote with on-campus components?

Due to the requirements of contact tracing, COVID-19 testing, and limited room capacities, auditing of courses offered on campus is strongly discouraged.

May I audit a fully remote course?

Only active students with an “R” winter term may audit a remote course.

Note that concerns have been raised about fair use standards for our courses, bandwidth issues, and that there will be fewer course offerings available to those students enrolled winter term.


May high school students enroll in Dartmouth classes through the Special Community Student Program?

High school students are ineligible to enroll in courses this winter. During these unprecedented times, Dartmouth will not offer the Special Community Student Program for high school students until further notice.


Why am I unable to elect a course that is offered on-campus or that has on-campus components? 

You may:

  • have a conflict, such as a time conflict, prerequisite conflict, etc. that you need to resolve;
  • need to contact the Dean of the College’s office to confirm whether you were granted permission to take courses offered on-campus winter 2021;
  • not have a D-Plan with an “R, residential/remote” for winter 2021 and need to change your D-Plan either online or by petition to the Registrar


How do I interpret delivery modes on Timetable?

  • On Campus: The course is delivered on-campus.
  • Remote, with synchronous components: The course section is delivered remotely and includes some regularly scheduled synchronous components delivered at a fixed time.
  • Remote, entirely asynchronous: The course section is delivered remotely and has no scheduled synchronous components that require a time block.
  • Remote, with on-campus components: The course section will be delivered remotely and includes some optional on-campus/in-person course activities.
  • Individualized Study: The course section is delivered to single students by the instructor and may be delivered either on-campus or remotely.

How do I know what types of “on campus” components are part of a course?

If you have questions about a course, contact the instructor for more information.


A course is offered synchronously but I am in a different time zone that makes meeting difficult. What can I do?

You may ask the faculty member if you may take the course asynchronously. If the professor wishes to permit this they may email and we will adjust your record to allow you to register.


I live off-campus nearby.  May I take courses/course sections offered on-campus?

Students who are approved by the Dean of Students for winter and will be living locally off-campus may elect courses that have an on-campus component.


Do I *have* to take the on-campus course section of a course if I have approval to take on-campus courses/course sections or may I enroll in the remote section?

No, if you have approval to take on-campus courses you may enroll in courses offered on-campus this winter or in the remote section provided you meet other course requirements such as prerequisite, enrollment cap, etc.


Will the add/drop period be the same dates, or will there be changes?

Yes, the start of winter term 2021 has moved to Thursday, January 7, 2021. The add/drop period remains the first two weeks of the term, January 7 through January 20. See the winter term calendar for other updated dates.


Is it possible that the general education requirements initially listed for my courses will change when courses move online?

Yes. Some courses may need to satisfy different distributives or world culture distinctions than originally listed due to the shift to remotely delivered coursework. This is the case for some lab courses, for example, the SLA distributive could possibly change to SCI. If a course’s general education attribute is changed to better represent a remotely delivered format, the change will be visible on the Timetable of Class Meetings.



I have an “R” for my D-Plan this term. May I take courses on campus?

An “R” term for your D-plan means residential OR remote enrollment; it does not mean you may take courses/course section on-campus. Only students who have permission to enroll in courses/course sections on-campus per the Dean of Students process may do so.


I changed my mind about being on-campus this winter. Who do I contact?

All questions about on-campus permissions are addressed to Dean.of.the.College@Dartmouth.EDU.


Now that I have been granted permission by the Dean of the College to be on-campus this winter, does this mean that my D-plan will automatically be approved?

No. All D-plans in compliance with faculty legislation may be changed with the online in DartHub.  Other D-plans that require a petition are considered on a case-by-case basis as usual and should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.


I don’t have an “R” term for winter. Can my professor add me to their course through Canvas if that course is delivered remotely?

No, only students with an “R” term for winter 2021 may register for winter 2021 courses.  Students must register in DartHub to receive credit.


How do I make changes to my D-Plan?

You may make changes to your D-plan as usual either using the online application or, if you are requesting an exception to faculty D-plan legislation, submit a petition to the Registrar’s Office

  • IMPORTANT! Your D-plan does not necessarily reflect whether you are taking courses on campus or remotely. On-campus priority/preference is a separate process run through Student Affairs.  An “R” indicates “residential or remote.”  Therefore, if you wish to be enrolled and take courses you require an “R” that term.  All regular D-plan rules still apply.


Are ’22 sophomores required to be in residence either summer 2020 or summer 2021?

The sophomore summer requirement is not waived.  However, ’22 sophomores may be in residence either summer term 2020 or summer term 2021 to fulfill the requirement.  Students with extenuating circumstances may petition the Registrar for a waiver as usual.


May I enroll in a course at another institution and receive transfer credit if I am also enrolled in Dartmouth courses?

Students taking remote Dartmouth courses this winter must have an “R” for their D-Plan and be enrolled as a full-time student (at least two courses) at Dartmouth. We report all full-time enrolled students to the National Student Clearinghouse to comply with federal reporting. Therefore, students taking remote Dartmouth courses winter 2021 are not eligible to also take a transfer term the same term.


May I pursue an international transfer term?

Due to the College’s decision about travel programs, international transfer terms are prohibited until further notice.


May I receive Dartmouth course credit for a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) or edX verified course through the Remote Access Program?

No, MOOCs and verified edX courses are not awarded college credit.

Paper-Based Services


I fall into the category of students who are unable to order an electronic transcript.  Is it possible for me to receive a paper transcript?

We have a temporary system in place that will allow us to send your transcript to an email. Contact to begin a request. 


May I obtain a notarized verification, notarized transcript, or apostille at this time?

Standard electronic enrollment verifications are available through the National Student Clearinghouse. We are currently unable to provide any notarized documents or apostilles.


May I send mail to the Registrar’s Office?

Any request or inquiry sent to our office via postal delivery services (USPS, USP, FedEx, etc.) will experience significant delays.


Last Updated: 1/14/21