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Summer 2020 Faculty FAQ

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Policy Changes






Course Changes


Policy Changes


Are classes held remotely summer 2020?

Due to the global health emergency, classes are held remotely summer 2020 term.


Where do I find information on any policy changes for summer 2020?

We will list any policy changes for summer 2020 in the FAQ and use other means of communication to the Dartmouth Community.


Has the NRO policy changed for summer 2020?

A revised summer 2020 NRO policy is available in a comprehensive bullet point format as well as a chart that outlines the major changes from the original policy. Whether a course is eligible for the NRO option is published on the summer 2020 Timetable of Class Meetings by June 5.



Do I need to teach my course at the scheduled time block?  I am concerned about students in different time zones.

Yes, in most cases. If faculty randomly teach at alternate times, students will run into conflicts with other courses they are taking.  There are a few alternatives:

  • Move your course to the 3A/3B or the 6A/6B time slot or another evening time – we will make this change on the Timetable;
  • Poll the registered students and find a time that works for everyone – we will enter "arranged" on the Timetable. 
  • Offer your course mostly asynchronously with recorded lectures, discussion boards, and, to a lesser extent, synchronous communication so that students may participate when it best works for them.  If you wish to offer it asynchronously, email the Registrar and we will change the meeting time to “arranged” to avoid registration conflicts.


Are there any FERPA implications to my use of ZOOM and Slack for online delivery of my course(s)?

FERPA applies to education records regardless of the medium, so we want to make student privacy a part of the design of all courses and the use of these tools. Slack was designed for business communications, not FERPA compliance. Avoid using it to share sensitive student information, including grades and personal information.


How do I get help using Canvas or Zoom?

See ITC’s Canvas: Request General Support page.


Can I add students, alumni, auditors and others to courses through Canvas who don’t have an “R” term summer 2020 since courses are delivered remotely?

No, only students with an R term summer 2020 may register for summer 2020 courses and course size will comply with course enrollment limits.  Students must register in Banner to receive credit. However, it is fine to add TA’s and other faculty colleagues as usual in Canvas.

Note that concerns have been raised about fair use standards for our courses, bandwidth issues, and that there will be fewer course offerings available to those students enrolled summer term.



Will the add/drop period be the same dates, or will there be changes?

There are no planned changes at this time.


Has the course load policy changed summer 2020?

The course load policy has not been altered.


How do I know which courses are eligible for the NRO option?

Whether a course is eligible for the NRO option is published on the summer 2020 Timetable of Class Meetings by June 5.


Will the distributives and world culture requirements listed on the Timetable for summer 2020 fulfill general education requirements?

Yes, they will fulfill general education requirements as usual.

Course Changes


What if I want to change or add a course limit on my summer 2020 course?

Email with the new limit and we will make the change.


My department/program has decided to offer different courses or change the distributive/WC attributes summer term than originally planned.  How do I make this change?

Chairs discuss their department/programs’ plans with their Associate Dean.  They then email any adjusted course information to the Registrar’s Office, copied to their Associate Dean, and the Registrar’s Office will make the adjustment on the summer term 2020 Timetable.


Last Updated: 6/30/20