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Political Economy Project



Patrick Byrne Moral Limits of Markets Slavery and Capitalism Sonu Bedi


Is capitalism a system of injustice and exploitation, or a system that allows for individual freedom and prosperity?  What does it mean to have a fair and just society, the equality of legal rights or equality in the distribution of resources? What system of values is most conducive to prosperity, dignity, and happiness? How do different political and economic systems differ in their ability to achieve these objectives?  

The Political Economy Project aims to explore questions such as these—at the intersection of economics, politics, and ethics—through teaching, research, and student inquiry. Such inquiry is an important component of a liberal arts education.

The Project is emphatically interdisciplinary: it welcomes students, faculty, and visiting speakers and scholars from all disciplines, including philosophy, history, sociology, government, and economics. Participants will share a commitment to rigorous and open-minded investigation and a respectful but critical attitude toward all views.  

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Last Updated: 8/2/18