The Brain Society (COSO)

Dartmouth’s Brain Society promotes collaboration among students interested in Neuroscience at Dartmouth, stimulates progress by helping students apply for Neuroscience research positions, and establishes connections between Dartmouth Neuroscientists and Neuroscientists at peer institutions both inside and outside the U.S.
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Brain Society Website

Chemistry Society

The Dartmouth Chemistry Society is an open-to-all organization that aims to explore the joys of chemistry in a variety of ways, including dinners with professors, undergraduate-led journal club meetings, and study group and mentoring programs.
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Chemistry Society Website

Physics Society

The DPS strives to increase the on-campus awareness and presence of the Physics & Astronomy department, as well as make Physics & Astronomy fun for interested students through coffee-style chats with professors about their research, physics-related films and television, and astronomical observing sessions.
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DPS Website

Minority Association of Premedical Students (MAPS)

MAPS is an academic support group that strives to prepare pre-health students from underrepresented minority groups, medically underserved areas, or disadvantaged backgrounds to be competitive applicants for medical school or other health fields.
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