On Tuesday, May 17th, the NSS Executive Committee hosted Dr. Michelle Russell for a “Dinner with a Doc” and discussion. Dr. Russell works in obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine at DHMC and was able to provide great insight into her job on a day to day basis as well as giving the pre-health students attending the dinner informed advice on how to balance career work and family life as well as how to find what you are truly passionate about in the broad field of healthcare. Dr. Russell worked for two years in Providence, Rhode Island after attending Tufts University Medical School to provide gynecologic care for underprivileged soon-to-be moms in order to pay for her medical school loans. At the dinner, she listed this as one of her most memorable experiences as a doctor as well as a great strategy for new physicians after medical school. Currently, she works with high-risk pregnancies, whether that includes women with preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, triplets, or irregularities in their pregnancies that require extra care. She was able to walk us through some of her “normal” cases, though much of her job day to day is dealing with what is considered unusual. Dr. Russell has a two-year-old daughter at home and gave students advice on how she manages being a part-time physician as well as a mom. This dinner was a great success thanks to Dr. Russell’s insightful comments on finding what you love and are interested in and making a career out of it and her fascinating anecdotes about what it’s like to be a physician in a high-risk field. Thanks to all who attended!