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Campus Master Plan
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Hanover, NH
Phone: (603) 646-xxxx
Fax: (603) 646-xxxx
Email: masterplan@Dartmouth.EDU
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Founded by Michael Van Valkenburgh in 1982, with offices in Brooklyn, NY and Cambridge, MA, MVVA’s award-winning practice includes campus planning and design, urban design, large urban parks, plazas, and residential garden projects. MVVA’s academic clients include Princeton University, Harvard University, Wellesley College, and the University of Pennsylvania.

MVVA’s work is anchored in an understanding of horticulture, microclimate, infrastructure, and landscape experience that enables the firm to push design and aesthetics towards a close partnership with landscape ecology and the environment at large. MVVA works to build value and long-term durability into the campus landscape by treating it as an essential aspect of college life that enhances and supports education.

Last Updated: 8/16/12