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Purpose and mission of the Dartmouth Digital Library Program

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The Dartmouth Digital Library Program (DLP) promotes innovative research and teaching through the strategic digitization of Library collections and the open access publication of digital scholarship. The DLP responds to increasing demands for global access to our collections, broader dissemination of the work of the Dartmouth community, and preservation of rare materials. Through the DLP, we proactively anticipate future directions and provide campus leadership in digital production and publishing. The DLP brings the expertise of our Library staff to bear on collaborative projects that promote digital work throughout Dartmouth. Through the combined expertise of the Library staff involved with the DLP, our work includes:

  • the digitization and long-term management of selected Library collections and materials, such as images, manuscripts, papers, time-based media, and digital only content
  • provision of access to the results of the Digital Library Program work
  • digital publishing of works such as books, journals, scholarly editions, and other kinds of content
  • digital exhibits
  • exploration of emerging trends and technologies in digital production and publishing

The results of all of our digital work, including collections, publications, and exhibits, are free and available to the public.


About our staff

The expertise provided within the Digital Library Program includes digitization, metadata, preservation, conservation, rights management, and the development of technology solutions for presentation, access and long term management of the content.

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Featured Projects

Dartmouth College Photographic Files

Jewelry Design Books of Jacques and Marcus, 1890-1910

Old Dartmouth Classification Schedules


Projects in Process

Samples of current and ongoing work.


Nomination of New Projects

To learn more about nominating a project for digitization, click here

If you are interested in having a book,  journal or other scholarly work included in the Dartmouth College Library’s Digital Publishing Program, please contact Shawn Martin, the Program Director for Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing. 


Policies, Infrastructure and History

The Digital Projects and Infrastructure Group (DPIG) has the management, oversight, and responsibility for coordinating the Library's digitization projects, including digital publishing. The following documents, created in September 2011 at the formal inception of the program, describe the process of creating the Digital Library Program as well as outlining its policies, priorities, and structures. The report, appendices, and policies are also available here in PDF.



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