Digital Library Program (formerly known as DPIG)


The Digital Library Program coordinates and promotes information technologies, standards, and best practices to create, preserve, and use materials digitized by the Library, alone or in partnership with others. It has management oversight and responsibility for the Library's digitization projects, including the digital publishing program and partnerships with faculty, publishers, and others. Such information production and management projects make resource demands on multiple departments, and need common oversight to ensure success; these initiatives also require careful workflow management, including resource allocation, and DPIG provides guidance for these elements of project design. 

In early 2016 members of this group was renamed, the structure reassessed, and membership updated.


The Digital Library Program is organized into the following subgroups:

  • Digital Library Program (main committee)
  • Metadata
  • Preservation
  • Rights
  • Technology
  • Production
  • Delivery and Assessment
  • CMPG Selection
  • Process Management


The following individuals serve on one or more of the subgroups:

  • Amy Witzel, Research & Instruction Services
  • Anthony Helm, Jones Media Center/DLTG
  • Barb Bushor, Cataloging and Metadata Services
  • Barbara DeFelice, Scholarly Communication
  • Barb Sagraves, Preservation Services
  • Bill Ghezzi, Digital Production and Cataloging and Metadata Services 
  • Caitlin Birch, Special Collections
  • Carla Galarza, Digital Library Technologies Group
  • Cecilia Tittemore, Cataloging and Metadata Services
  • Eric Bivona, Digital Library Technologies Group
  • Jay Satterfield, Special Collections
  • Jenny Mullins, Preservation Services
  • Laura Braunstein, Research & Instruction Services
  • Mina Rakhra, Cataloging and Metadata Services
  • Jen Green, Scholarly Communications
  • Paul Merchant, Digital Library Technologies Group
  • Peter Carini, College Archives
  • Ryland Ianelli, Digital Production
  • Shaun Akhtar, Cataloging and Metadata Services

Program Plan:

Minutes, Agenda, Projects, and Other Documents: