Members 2020-2021

Council on the Libraries 2020-2021 Membership List

Dean of Libraries:
Sue Mehrer

The Provost or his or her representative:
Alicia Betsinger, Associate Provost for Institutional Research

The Dean of the College or his or her representative:
Joe Castelot, Director of the Collis Center

The Dean of the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies or his or her representative:
Amanda Skinner, Assistant Director of Outreach and Communications

Six members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (two from each division, from different departments):
Arts and Humanities: Devin Singh, Associate Professor of Religion
Arts and Humanities: Håkan P. Tell, Associate Professor of Classics
Social Sciences: Michelle Clarke, Professor of Government
Social Sciences: Janice McCabe, (Chair) Associate Professor of Sociology
Sciences: David Glueck, Professor of Chemistry
Sciences: David Webb, Professor of Mathematics

One member from each of the three Professional Schools:
Tuck School of Business: Davin Chor, Associate Professor and Globalization Chair
Geisel School of Medicine: David Goodman, Professor of  Dartmouth Institute
Thayer School of Engineering: Geoffrey G. Parker, Professor of Engineering

Four Students, two undergraduates and one graduate and one postdoc:
Undergrad Student: Michael Green '21
Undergrad Student: Jordan McDonald '21
Graduate Student: Hunter Snyder, Special Advisor to the GSC on the Libraries

Postdoc Student: Kathleen M. Rose, Postdoctoral Fellow in Science Communication

Non-voting Member:
Mitch Davis, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer