2001-2002 Members Council on the Libraries

James Aronson , Professor of Earth Sciences: Chair (01-02), Member (99-02)

Ehud Benor , Associate Professor of Religion, (99-02)

Robert Ditchfield , Professor of Chemistry, (00-03)

William F. Hickey , Professor of Pathology, Dartmouth Medical School, (01-03)

Douglas Irwin , Professor of Economics, (01-04)

Joy Kenseth , Professor of Art History, (00-03)

Kenneth Korey , Associate Professor of Anthropology, (00-03)

Mary Munter , Professor of Management Communication, Tuck School of Business, (01-01)

Stephen Taylor , Professor of Engineering, Thayer School of Engineering, (01-02)

Ex Officio Members

Malcolm Brown , Director of Academic Computing

Teoby Gomez , Assistant Dean of the College

Richard Lucier , Librarian of the College

Barry Scherr , Provost

Student Representatives

Richard Callahan '03

Nicholas Ostrow '05

Paul Testa , DMS '03

Staff to the Council

Cindy Shirkey , Reference Bilbliographer, Baker/Berry Library

Invited Guests

Larry Levine, Director Computing

*Appointment is by academic year: July1 - June30