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WILLIAM R. EVANS 1960 is Professor of English at Kean College in New Jersey

SOL LEVENSON grew up in what he describes with the affection as 'mid-victorian' Danvers, Massachusetts. He has taught at the Art Institute of Boston and the Quincy (Massachusetts) Vocational School; during the days of the Federal Art Project he was involved with it. His work has been exhibited locally at the Hopkins Center and AVA Gallery, and in 1987 he held a one-man show and elcture series in Medellin Colombia.

JACK BALES, who is Regerence Librarian at Matha Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia, has recently completed a bibliography, Kenneth Roberts: The Man and His Work (Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1989).

KENNETH C. CRAMER is the College Archivist.

VIRGINIA L. CLOSE and LOIS A. KRIEGER are Humanities & Social Sciences Reference Bibliographers in Baker Library.


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