Title IX Information during COVID 19

The Title IX Office continues to be available to all members of the community while we pursue our work remotely.  Reports can still be made directly to the office via email or phone, and meetings can be held on Zoom.  Dartmouth College remains committed to a safe and welcoming environment, even when that environment is virtual.  Informal and formal remedies, including but not limited to no contact orders, academic adjustments, and formal investigations are still available in a prompt and fair manner.

Obligations for responsible employees remain the same.  We remind you that any Title IX disclosure you receive from a member of the community must be promptly shared with the Title IX Office.  As always, the office will reach out to the impacted person to provide resources, information, and an opportunity to meet if they choose to respond.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Trainings and other information sessions will also continue.  First year graduate and professional students will be assigned our online training module, “Bridges: Building a Supportive Community” as they return for the spring term.  New employees will also receive this online training, in addition to the information delivered in the New Employee Orientation hosted by Human Resources.  Additional trainings are available for departments or groups on request- please let us know your needs.

Contact information:

The Title IX Office continues to be available, but we are working remotely.  All staff are available via phone, email, and Zoom during regular business hours.