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COVID-19 Joint Statement from IDE and Employee Resource Networks

In this time of uncertainty, as we navigate a global health crisis, we want to reinforce Dartmouth's commitment to respect, inclusiveness, and community in all of Dartmouth's working and learning environments. We also want to acknowledge the rise of xenophobia, racism, and harassment directed toward Asian/Pacific Americans (APAs) in communities across the country. We condemn any form of prejudice or discrimination and stand in solidarity with our students, colleagues, and community members of APA descent. We want to share an earlier statement from The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA) made on February 7, 2020:

"While the coronavirus represents a legitimate public health concern, it is not a green light to target Asian Americans and Asian immigrants with racism and hate. We are concerned with the growing xenophobic rhetoric that harkens back to the dehumanizing, anti-Asian trope of the 'yellow peril' that was used during the 19th century. We have consistently stood against efforts to cast our community as 'perpetual foreigners,' and sadly, we find ourselves having to do so again. We call on news outlets and social media platforms to do more to curb racist and inaccurate content in addition to removing misinformation on the coronavirus alone."

In addition, while we are all impacted by the current global health crisis, we recognize that the pandemic has amplified systemic equity issues across our nation. In particular, COVID-19 has magnified the racial disparities and health inequities that affect communities of color throughout the U.S. Also mentioned within the Empathy and Inclusion statement, from March 24, 2020.

If you believe you have experienced discrimination based on your race, color, national or ethnic origin, or another protected identity, please contact the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity for support. Click here for more information on Dartmouth's non-discrimination policy, or to report an incident click here


(With thanks to Northwestern's Counseling and Psychological Services department for compiling many of these resources.)