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Diversity Mission Statement

Diversity at all levels is critical to Dartmouth's mission of providing an environment that combines rigorous study with the excitement of discovery. As an institution of higher education, Dartmouth is defined by the belief that a multiplicity of values and beliefs, interests and experiences, intellectual and cultural viewpoints enrich learning and inform scholarship.

But the importance of diversity extends beyond its contribution to a rich academic environment. The case for embracing diversity can be made across all realms of human endeavor. Researchers are finding that diverse groups of problem solvers outperform individual experts at solving problems. Gender diversity has improved research in fields from economics to medicine. Increasingly, business organizations are finding that leveraging diversity with effective management can improve a company's performance and boost innovation.

Respect for the cultures that make Dartmouth a dynamic teaching, research and service environment is a bedrock institutional value. Dartmouth's Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity provides resources across the institution to promote access, respect, inclusiveness, and community in all of Dartmouth's working and learning environments.