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1992 Harris Visitors

Prof. Lev Kopelev (Univ. of Wuppertal) - Winter Term (1 week, Russian and German)

Prof. Michael Kiessling (Univ. of Bochum and Courant Inst.) - Winter and Spring Terms (Physics)

Prof. Rudolf Treumann (Max Planck Inst., Munich) - Spring Term (Physics)

Dr. Gebhard Schweigler (Foundation for Science and Politics, Munich) - Spring Term (2 weeks, War & Peace Studies, Dickey Center)

Prof. Ulrich Renz (TU Aachen) - Summer Term 1991 (1 month follow-up, Thayer School of Engineering)

Prof. Dieter Weiss (Max Planck Inst., Munich) - Fall Term (Biology)

Prof. Karl Überla (Univ. Munich) - Fall Term (6 weeks, Medical School)