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Nomination Process

Nomination Procedure

A letter, signed by the department or program chair, should be sent to the Harris Program Administrator, Kathleen Woodburn. It should outline the benefits of the proposed appointment to the department's offerings and/or research, suggest possible course titles, and designate the desired period of residence. It should be accompanied by the nominee's CV.

All nominations are voted on by the program's Advisory Board, which consists of representatives from Dartmouth College, as well as German academicians. The Board will also propose candidates to the College for consideration by appropriate host departments.

Professorship Details

The professorship offers generous compensation for salary, housing, travel expenses, and local transportation for visitors and their spouses. Visitors under this program come at no cost to host departments, who are required only to provide office space and general teaching support.

The number of visitors each year will depend on length of stay, type of activity, and corresponding remuneration. Since most appointments require a certain lead time, nominations for specific terms in Dartmouth's academic calendar should normally be submitted at least one year in advance.

Contact Information

Viktor L. Witkowski, Director

6081 Dartmouth College 
Hanover NH 03755 USA

Kathleen Woodburn, Program Administrator

6084 Dartmouth College
Hanover NH 03755 USA

cell (987) 457-9147
office (603) 646-2418