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The New Americanists Series, edited by Donald E. Pease and published by Duke University Press 

"New Americanists provides a forum for the return of sociopolitical questions, counternational discourses, and minority perspectives to American studies. The series aspires to uncover the changing connections between internal domestic cultures and the 'global postmodern'. Works in this series will advance the understanding of the formation of local and oppositional identities, positioned across multiple coordinates of race, class, ethnicity, and gender, as well as across locales and nationalities. Interdisciplinary in scope and informed by a global rather than national analytic framework, the series will displace the preconstituted categories and master narratives of an earlier American studies, and provide a new focus for scholarship."


Futures of American Studies, edited by Donald E. Pease, Robyn Wiegman, published by Duke University Press.