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The Dartmouth – American University of Kuwait Program team:

Dale F. Eickelman

Research Professor of Anthropology, Executive Director/Relationship Coordinator, Dartmouth College



Dale Eickelman is Ralph and Richard Lazarus Professor of Anthropology and Human Relations Emeritus at Dartmouth College, USA. He has served as Relationship Coordinator of the Dartmouth College-American University of Kuwait Program since 2003 and was instrumental in creating this long-term partnership between Dartmouth and AUK, Kuwait's first private liberal arts university.

Kerry L. Laufer 

Deputy Director, Dartmouth College

KerryKerry Laufer is Deputy Director of the Dartmouth-AUK program. She specializes in international education, experiential learning, and consulting project management. Kerry joined the Dartmouth-AUK program full time in 2021 and has held several roles at Dartmouth since 2008, including director of Tuck's Onsite Global Consulting course from 2013-2020. Prior to Dartmouth, Kerry spent eight years as Vice Dean for Institutional Development and Quality at Effat University (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) - a university she helped establish.


Hanan Muzaffar

Vice President for Student Affairs, American University of Kuwait



Hanan Muzaffar started working at AUK in 2014 as Assistant Professor of English, then moved to her role as Dean of Student Affairs and then Vice President for Student Affairs. The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs started handling the Dartmouth/AUK relations as they pertain to study abroad and internship programs for AUK and Dartmouth students in 2019. This includes advertising for the programs, selecting viable AUK candidates, organizing all necessary work needed to assist AUK students to study/intern at Dartmouth and Dartmouth students to study/intern at AUK.

Jayda Al-Farooqi

Senior Student Affairs Coordinator, American University of Kuwait



Jayda is an AUK alumna, class of 2009, with a BA in Media & Communication, concentration in Journalism. She worked in Public Relations at Memac Ogilvy & Mather, Corporate Communications at Gulf Insurance Group, and Internal Communications at Gulf Bank. In 2017, she returned to AUK as Senior Student Affairs Coordinator, where she handles Dartmouth-AUK Internships and student exchanges, and other student Affairs Programs. Jayda is passionate about art, writing and helping animals.