The Arts at Dartmouth

At Dartmouth, we have cultivated an environment that nurtures, encourages, and values creativity. We recruit gifted faculty whose love of teaching and artistic talents stimulate students to discover and develop their potential. We bring to campus celebrated artists to perform, to talk about their professions, and to share the lessons they have learned. The arts are integral to our liberal arts curriculum, and we encourage students of all majors to explore them through the many courses and programs we offer.

We share our commitment to the arts with members of the local community by inviting them to join with our faculty and students in a wide array of ensembles and performances. Our popular outreach programs teach children and families about the arts and provide a venue to learn together. At Dartmouth, we’re not only passionate about the arts, we’re dedicated to inspiring a similar passion in others.

Arts at Dartmouth

Considering Dartmouth?

If you can picture yourself performing on stage, studying and taking courses in the new Black Family Visual Arts Center, having coffee with your professor, or exploring subjects you never thought you would, Dartmouth is right for you.

As an Ivy League university, Dartmouth offers an education like no other. We expect you to change the world for the better, and we give you the tools to make it happen.

The arts have long been a central part of a liberal arts education at Dartmouth. The school’s vibrant arts culture affirms its role as one of the nation’s leading academic arts communities. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of the diverse series of arts programs and initiatives Dartmouth has to offer.

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