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Deans Office Student Consultants (DOSCs)

The Deans Office Student Consultants (DOSCs) are a group of students in their senior year who provide academic peer advising on an informative, but informal, level. They also direct students to the various offices that constitute the advising network at Dartmouth.

The DOSC program receives training from the following: Undergraduate Deans Office, Pre-Major Advising, and Undergraduate Advising and Research, the Academic Skills Center, the Center for Professional Development, Residential Education, and Baker Library, as well as other advising offices on campus, including OPAL and Health Professions Program/Pre-Health Advising.

DOSCs spend a majority of their time assisting students—either in individual meetings or by responding to questions submitted by email. They also initiate, coordinate and implement outreach programming and information sessions with campus groups and administrative and advising offices.

Examples of the issues addressed in DOSC events or information sessions include:

  • major choice,
  • time management,
  • study strategies,
  • enrollment patterns and D-Plan strategies,
  • internship and research opportunities,
  • funding resources,
  • library skills,
  • major courses and curriculum requirements,
  • off-campus programs.

Current DOSC:

Edel Auh

AnnClaire MacArt

Arielle Isaacson

Rachel Favors

Tyler Anderson

Angie Lionetta

For more information:

To learn more about the DOSC program or to schedule an appointment, please contact a DOSC or blitz the Undergraduate Deans Office.

Last Updated: 9/27/17