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The Undergraduate Deans Office, a department within the Division of Student Affairs, provides support for all undergraduate students as well as for other enrolled students.

The office's main mission is to support students in their engagement with the curriculum and in their overall experience at Dartmouth.

Although each of the deans has specific areas of academic and counseling expertise, they are generalists in the sense that they support the mission of the office.

Students can schedule appointments with any of the deans. We hope to see you soon!

Open Hours During the Term

  • EVERY WEEKDAY (Monday through Friday) from 1:00pm to 4:00pm 

How can I contact my Undergraduate Dean?

  • Click here to find out.

Are you a Faculty Member?

  • Do you need to contact a student's undergraduate dean?
    • Find a student's undergraduate dean assignment on the Faculty and Advisors Banner menu with the student's ID number or name—use the Show Undergraduate Dean entry on the Banner menu.
    • Click here to go to Banner.
    • Or contact our office (603-646-2243) with questions about undergraduate dean assignments.
  • DSASA (Dartmouth Student Academic Support Application) is a web based (Banner) academic alert system that allows faculty to easily identify their students and report observations, concerns, and comments regarding performance to the Undergraduate Deans Office. This system will be available beginning the first day of each term through the end of finals, allowing faculty to continually collaborate with undergraduate deans in “real time.” Through this revised method of collaboration we hope to more effectively support students and their academic success.

Last Updated: 10/11/17