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Judicial Affairs Office

5 Rope Ferry Road, Room 203
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-3482
Fax: (603)646-0421
Hinman Box 6020

Open/Closed Hearings

Open/Closed Hearing

COS hearings will normally be open to current Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff (with exceptions only at the Chair's discretion) unless the student requests a closed hearing, in which case the hearing shall be closed. In a hearing of two or more students, any one student's request for a closed hearing shall take precedence over the request of one or more other students for an open hearing. In cases where the need to protect privacy is, in the judgment of the Chair, important, the Chair may close the hearing over the objection of the student(s) allegedly responsible. Any student may request that the Chair exercise such judgment and close a hearing. Such a request must be made to the Chair in writing and must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing.

At an open hearing the Chair has the discretion to limit the number of persons in attendance in order to ensure an orderly proceeding. In such instances, where a limit is placed on the number of people allowed to observe, the Chair's decision with respect to who may attend such hearing is final. In a closed hearing, only the Committee, the witnesses, the allegedly responsible student, the adviser, and such other persons as are specifically authorized to attend by the Chair, may be present.

Hearing Observers

If a hearing will be closed, the Chair may, on request of a charged student or a complaining student, permit one current student, faculty member or administrator to observe the hearing as a non-participating source of support. Observers may not confer with the student or the student's advisor while the hearing is in session, and will be subject to the same confidentiality expectations applicable to others in attendance. The Chair may remove any observer who distracts or disrupts the process.

2009-2010 Student Handbook

Last Updated: 9/2/10