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Reports to the Community

Each year, the College prepares several reports for students, faculty, staff, and family of students to review. These reports include the Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report (required by the Clery Act), the Committee on Standards Annual Report, and termly Hazing reports.

The Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report can be found on the Department of Safety and Security's website.

The Committee on Standards and Organizational Adjudication Committee 2013-2014 Annual Report is available here. 

The Committee on Standards Annual Report from 2000-2013 can be accessed with a valid Dartmouth Name Directory (DND) entry. These reports are linked below.

2010-2013 Committee on Standards Annual Report

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2002-2003 Committee on Standards Annual Report 

2001-2002 Committee on Standards Annual Report

2000-2001 Committee on Standards Annual Report

The Termly Hazing Reports are listed below.

Summer 2014
Beta Alpha Omega and Kappa Kappa Kappa finalized Fresh Start agreements with the Dean of the College and/or Greek Letter Organizations and Societies Office.  The organizations admitted to conduct that violated the College's hazing policy in previous terms and years, participated in an internal and external review of their treatment of new members and are taking corrective actions.

Spring 2013
During the 2013 spring term, an organization entered into a Fresh Start agreement with the Greek Letter Organizations and Societies Office under the terms of the new Hazing Policy Organizational Amnesty provision.

Fall 2012
During the 2012 fall term, the College investigated and adjudicated a report that Alpha Phi Alpha engaged in new member activities in violation of the Hazing Policy. After weighing the available information and the organization's denial that it had engaged in misconduct, the Organizational Adjudication Committee (the OAC) concluded by a preponderance of the evidence that Alpha Phi Alpha violated Standards I and II by engaging in hazing and activities that were not approved as part of the organization's new member education plan. As a result, the OAC voted to place the organization on three terms of College Probation, (effective 13W, 13S and 13X), and directed that the organization may not engage in new member recruitment, selection or education activities until the 2013 fall term at the earliest. The organization's ability to resume recruitment activities in the fall of 2013 is contingent upon fulfillment of organizational and educational requirements, including:

o The formation of an Advisory Board that will meet monthly for the next two years to assist in developing and implementing a substantially revised new member cultivation, selection and education plan. The Board must include two local alumni, a representative of the national organization, and at least one current faculty or staff member. At least one Board member must be present for each new member activity during the first permitted recruitment season following the probationary period.

o The organization and the Advisory Board must work closely with the GLOS Director to substantially revise the process of identifying, selecting and educating new members to ensure the process is consistent with College policies and Standards of Conduct-as written and as implemented. All aspects of the "courting, advocacy, advising and member development" activities must be described in writing and must be provided to any student considering or pursuing membership in the organization. The plan must include specific rationales for each new member activity that directly link the activity to the organization's mission and values. The plan must also preserve the ability of students who are considering or pursuing membership to maintain normal campus co-curricular and social interactions outside of their involvement with the organization.

o The organization and the Advisory Board must also develop an ongoing training program to ensure that all members understand and carry out their roles and responsibilities without express or implied suggestions that new members must be subjected to behaviors not specified in the written plan, and that all members behave themselves in ways that are consistent with the plan. The organization and the Board must also develop a multi-year plan to review and assess these initiatives, and to promote the long-term health of the organization on campus.

Failure to meet these conditions to the satisfaction of the GLOS Director may result in additional disciplinary action for non-compliance, up to and including permanent revocation of recognition.

Please see the Dartmouth College Hazing Policy for more information about hazing and the Fresh Start Organizational Amnesty Program.

Last Updated: 11/5/14